Ms Melissa Kwee

Serial Social Entrepreneur

Ms Melissa Aratani Kwee is the oldest daughter of Kwee Liong Tek and his, a property tycoon who is the chairman of Pontiac Land. Her family instilled in her a 'very strong ethic or value of playing your part, doing your bit and contributing what you have'.
Upon her graduation from Harvard, she returned to Singapore in 1995 and set up a non-profit for the development of women and youth called Project Access. She attributes her heightened social consciousness to the school she attended here, United World College, and its incredibly-compelling vision of young people being a positive force in their communities.
Melissa spends much of her time doing corporate communications for the Pontiac Land group while sitting on a number of organisations such as the United Nations Development Fund for Women (Unifem), the Singapore Repertory Theatre and the United World College school board, either doing review work or 'organising, advocating or connecting people. This in addition to her activities of speaking to youths or conducting workshops on volunteering, global awareness, leadership and family, or dabbling in schemes from AIDS awareness projects to fundraisers for East Timor.