Mr Peter Seligmann
Chairman, Conservation International 
Peter A. Seligmann has been a leader in creating conservation solutions for the past 33 years. Since he founded the organisation in 1987, Cl has earned a reputation as an organisation on the cutting edge, creating innovation and lasting solutions to the threats facing humanity, biodiversity and the natural systems that sustain us all. He has developed strong partnerships between Cl and leaders in science, industry, government, entertainment and communities around the world. He continues to prove that healthy ecosystems are essential for the present and future well-being of humanity and all life on Earth.
Under Seligmann's leadership, Cl has pioneered conservation tools that are economically sound, scientifically based and culturally sensitive. Cl's history of improving human livelihoods through conservation has led to the organisation's emergence as a major international voice that inspires real change on the part of leaders worldwide.
Selihmann serves on several corporate boards as well as on the advisory councils of the Jackson Hole Land Trust, Ecotrust and other not-for-profit organisations, including the Wild Salmon Centre. President Clinton named him a member of the Enterprise for the Americas Board in 2000.
Seligmann began his career in 1976 at the the Nature Conservancy, serving as the organisation's western region land steward. He later became Director of the California Nature Conservancy.