Mr Anshu Gupta


Ashko Fellow

Popularly known as the Clothing Man, Anshu Gupta started his career as a freelance journalist and left a corporate career in 1998 to start GOONJ. Anshu’s mission in Goonj is to make clothing a matter of concern, to bring it in the list of subjects for the development sector.

An Ashoka Fellow , Anshu is creating a mass movement by recycling & reusing tones of City waste material, channelising it to the villages, as a rural development resource. Listed in ‘Forbes’ as one of India’s most powerful entrepreneurs, under Anshu’s leadership GOONJ has won many prestigious awards like Innovation for India award, Lien i3 challenge, CNN-IBN Real Hero’s Award, India NGO of the Year Award, Changemakers Innovation Awards & World Bank’s Development Market Place Award.

Recently NASA & US State department have chosen GOONJ as a ‘Game Changing Innovation’.Anshu’s ideas are now getting worldwide  acceptance even as many organizations are replicating GOONJ’s initiatives. In the last 13 years GOONJ has emerged as the largest non monetary resource agency while people also call it one of the largest civic participation movements.

A powerful & inspiring speaker, Anshu is a passionate photographer and travels in remote parts of the country to understand people, their behavior and need.