Ms Gillian Koh

Director, Social Enterprise Association of Singapore

Dr Gillian Koh is a Director of the Social Enterprise Association in Singapore. The Association exists to foster a culture of social entrepreneurship nationally, develop the social enterprise sector, and build up the organisational capacity of individual organisations within it.  She assisted in conducting the Survey on Social Enterprise (2010) by the Association, and has presented on the social enterprise sector in Singapore and other Asian cities. Dr Koh’s full-time employment is with the Institute of Policy Studies, National University of Singapore where she is a Senior Research Fellow in its Politics and Governance cluster.


Ms Cassandra Chiu is an accomplished and professional woman who takes her blindness in her stride.  She was the proud recipient of Singapore Woman Award in 2012.  The award celebrates the strength, resilience and extraordinary achievements of ordinary women making a significant contribution to society.

She obtained her Master of Social Science in Professional Counselling from Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), and runs a psychotherapy practice with her partner, The Safe Harbour Counselling Center, empowering individuals and families to manage a wide range of issues and to maximize their potential.

Ms Chiu also recently founded a consultancy business The New Perspective, which offers motivational talks, inclusive awareness workshops and barrier-free consultancy -- specifically for the support of the visually impaired.  Her work in this area encompasses assistive technology needs assessment and coaching; enhancing self-esteem through rehabilitative psychotherapy; rehabilitative remodelling for business and domestic environments; and assistive devices resources.