Mr Gotzon Bernaola

Program Director, Innobasque-Basque Innovation Agency

Mr. Gotzon Bernaola Ariño, graduate in Mathematics, has been more than 15 years in positions of responsibility in companies of the Basque Government, in areas related to employment and training policies to increase competitiveness and productivity in the labor market of the Basque Country.

The last five years, is working as Program Director for Social Innovation in Innobasque-Basque Innovation Agency, trying to give comprehensive and structured response to the challenges facing the Basque society, generating economic growth and employment, and consolidate a leading position enabling the Basque Country in the future to maintain a high level of social welfare and a deep commitment to the world.

He is currently addressing issues related to education, employment, aging population, governance, values ​​for an innovative society and innovation in public policy, connecting people, organizations and institutions, and promoting a governance model based  on participation,  public-private alliances, working with all the social and economic agents with shared targets, and aiming to achieve commitment from citizens.