Ms Rekha Mody

Vice President, Mahabodhi Society of India

 RekhaMody, social worker and activist is committed to Women Empowerment, working actively in SAARC & ASEAN Countries.  A networking expert , she believes that collective thought and action can move mountains .A firm believer in the fact that the role and contribution of women will get even stronger in the future, she provides them with knowledge , information and skills to overcome  all challenges.

 Apart from her social work, she is a connoisseur of art, a writer and social entrepreneur with the experience of starting a FM Radio station in 1994 in Kolkata .

 She is the founder of DivyaChaya Trust established in 1984, Habiart Foundation 1987, Stree Shakti - The Parallel Force 1998. She feels that women all over the world are interconnected on various underlying gender issues. With this thought she started the Global Women Forum in Singapore in 2010 aiming to network with women from SAARC& ASEAN nations. Collectively all her efforts are aimed at Self Reliance, Equity, Equality and dignity for women.

 She has edited "A Quest For Roots" , a book of more than 300 posthumous biographies of women from India significant in South-Asian history . It is an attempt to rediscover and recount women’s histories that are inspirational and relevant even today.

 RekhaMody has also served on the Board of United Way, New Delhi from 2008 and Women Founders Collective USA, 2006. She is also Trustee of Women International Trust.