Opening Planery

Inclusive Innovation: Shaping Our Future

Time: 9.20am - 10.50am

Venue:Inclusive Hall

What does the future hold for businesses, leadership and societies in a rapidly changing world that is underscored with complexity, uncertainty and inequality? While embracing it and moving forward has become the norm, is it truly sustainable? Tapping on creative solutions to social and business challenges and empowering each individual lies the power of Inclusive Innovation.

Hear from the movers and shakers of the industry on the significance and impact of Inclusive Innovation across different sectors and be inspired by their sharing of case studies and best practices.

Join some of the best minds in thought leadership as they share their invaluable knowledge on future trends of inclusive innovation across sectors and how this can lead to inclusive growth and a resilient, cohesive and stronger society.

Outcome: Understanding the significance of Inclusive Innovation in every sphere of life, across sectors, as individuals and professionals and big trends shaping it and inspiring the audience through sharing real life case studies.