Cities of the Future – Inclusive Urban Solutions Hackathon

Time:1.50pm - 2.50pm

Venue: Inclusive Hall

  • What are the challenges corporates and the community face today in providing inclusive platforms for the differently abled?
  • What are the current services and policies offered that ensure we are living in a truly inclusive and sustainable world?
  • What are some break-through ideas and innovations that can be initiated in today's time of advanced technologies and increasing cross-sector collaborations to ensure the vulnerable community are better integrated into the society?
  • Join us in a hackathon of ideas-storming with our counterparts from all the 3P (people, public and private) sectors, as we collectively come up with ground breaking solutions that address today's social challenges.

 Outcome: Delegates come up with break-through solution ideas and challenges that corporate and communities face in terms of being an Inclusive and Sustainable entities.