Masterclass 1

The Talent Challenge

Time: 2.55pm - 4.25pm

Venue: Collaborative Arena 1

Finding a balance between retaining the right talent, and managing manpower costs has been a perennial challenge for businesses of every size in every sector worldwide. The competition for talent is as fierce as ever, as the global population ages, the nature of work changes and companies look for the skills they need to grow.

Talent shortage and retention, and effective employee engagement are common challenges in human resource planning today. While many companies have embraced diversity and inclusion in the workplace quite innovatively and seamlessly, how effective was it been? Are they able to sustain profit margins at the cost of developing an inclusive workplace?

Get insights from key leaders who have created inclusive workplace as a competitive edge.

Outcome: Hear from organizations who have been able to adopt inclusiveness in their HR practices to solve the talent crisis.


Benny Se Teo