Big Ideas Lab!1

The Blind side - Discover our Talents

Time: 2.55pm - 4.25pm

Venue: Collaborative Arena 3

Individuals with a visual disability not only have to find ways to communicate effectively with the people around them, but with their environment as well. As such, they developed extraordinary skills by having to tap more into the power of their other senses. What are these senses of heightened awareness and skills which they possess? How does it supersede the abilities of a normal person?

Just as in Sandra Bullock's Academy Award winning film titled 'The Blind Side', this session attempts to debunk stereotypes and discover the myriad opportunities available for an often under-utilised group of people; the visually-impaired.

Join our experts and leaders by example from the visually impaired community who have excelled in their own line of work and advocate social inclusion of the visually impaired in the community.

Outcome: To create a change in mindset that the visually impaired are not actually disabled, but rather differently able. Delegates learn about the special abilities of the visually-impaired community and how their skills can be useful in specific fields of work.

Delegates assess the challenges and needs of the visually-impaired community and build a support network of advocates as well as to generate new ideas and solutions to tackle these challenges.