Big Ideas Lab!2

Inception - Reality vs Imagination

Time: 2.55pm - 4.25pm 

Venue: Collaborative Arena 4

There is a common misperception that people who appear less-abled are seen as lesser equals even though they may have qualities and abilities that place them on par, if not better, than the full-abled. Why is the social expectation towards the less-abled different? How would changing this perception groom us as individuals and organisations to be more inclusive?

Just as in Leonardo Dicaprio's Academy Award winning film titled 'Inception', this session confronts what we perceive to be the reality of persons from vulnerable backgrounds.

Join us as we re-assess the representation of disability in the public domain and confront common misperceptions about the marginalized segments through a personal and up-close session with the people themselves.

Outcome: Understand from up-close interaction with marginalized and disabled individuals that they are equally as abled as normal persons.