Dr William Tan 

Resident Physician, National Cancer Centre

Dr William Tan, MBBS, PhD, MOH, MSc, MPhil, MHlthSc, ScM, MHSc, BSc, PBM, BBM. He is a neuroscientist and resident physician, National Cancer

Centre Singapore. Apart from Dr Tan’s professional vocations, he is also a Paralympian, World Records Holder,International Inspirational Speaker and Asian-Pacific Games triple gold medallist. Dr Tan has been the holder of six endurance marathon world records, including “Fastest time to complete 7 marathons in 7 continents (including Antarctica and North Pole) in 27 days”.In 1987, he realized that his legacy should be more than just "winning medals, trophies or prize money”. Since then, he has devoted himself to advocating for accessibility in the built environment, for equal opportunity and employment of persons with disabilities.